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Restoring the Community by Inder Comar

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Restoring the Community provides an integrated analysis of the individual, social, and global problems of contemporary life and argues that the need for social change is more pressing today than ever before. Everyday feelings of loneliness and inadequacy are connected not only to the larger societal diseases of poverty, racism, and crime, but also to the tremendous levels of environmental damage caused by modern consumer lifestyles. All of these problems arise from a social order that indoctrinates people into thinking that the purpose of life revolves around the constant acquisition of wealth and power.


The damages wrought by consumer societies can be ended by looking back to more ancient ways of living based on the community. The untapped potential of every member of the human race can be awakened by changing social conditions in ways that would let people create nurturing bonds with others and utilize their creative talents instead of dedicating themselves to the unending quest for possessions.


Lucid and insightful, Restoring the Community confronts the reader with the unspoken assumptions of modern life and asks whether many things people currently take for granted are, in fact, helpful or even necessary. It is a must read for anyone interested in producing lasting and positive social change.


For my book cover designer: "You have created the perfect scene for this book. It's simple, elegant, and so wonderfully colorful. I cannot thank you enough."  ―Inder Comar





















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