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One Paycheck At a Time by Kimberly A. Griffiths

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Got the Paycheck to Paycheck Blues?


Do you spend your paycheck before you even receive it? Are you in a black hole of debt? Many people, just like you, are doing something about it—and it isn't as painful as you think! You can have healthy spending habits. You can curb your spending and not sacrifice your lifestyle. You can end the vicious cycle of debt and become debt free, ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME!


The ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME system is proven to work. It has already helped hundreds of people become debt free and is helping more right now. It isn't hard. It isn't impossible. It IS the best solution to a dire situation. At one point, I had over 18 credit cards—all at their maximum limit. This shock came after filing for a divorce from an addictive gambler. To my horror, I discovered I was facing $50,000 of cash advances that were used to feed his gambling addiction.


I spent the next 15 years of my career working for a major bank, marketing credit cards and loans with huge fees to customers. By absorbing all the rules of how the bank makes money, I stumbled onto a system that helped me become debt free. ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME is not an autobiography of how I reached debt-free status; rather, it's a workbook to help you get out of whatever debt you are facing by mastering one debt-free technique each pay period.


“A good teaching book about your wages!” —Rebecca’s Reads

“I applaud the author for the practical organization of this book—building on the idea that you can get out of debt paycheck by paycheck.” —Writer's Digest



















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