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Welcome to Book Covers Plus - 1800 Happy Customers!

We have designed over 1200 book covers, 6000 interior book pages, 200 logos,

195 website banners, and 225 brochures for 1800 happy customers. That's Design Excellence!

NOTE: The book covers are displayed by genre/topic (above buttons) for ease and convenience.

Also, we still have several hundred more covers to add to this site, so please check back again.


For design excellence at affordable prices, please call us. Our team at BookCoversPlus.com has the education, skills, and 35+ years of experience to help you completely produce your manuscript including ghost writing, content and copyediting, interior layout and page design, original illustrations and/or watercolors, photography, book covers and, after it's published, marketing and sales. But everyone says that, don't they? Everyone claims to be the best (of course), and most claim to have the lowest prices.




So, how does one choose a book designer, cover artist, or editor? There are thousands of people out there providing these services; some really are the best at what they do, some are just good, and some are just really good hustlers. Most people can't afford the best but, obviously, no one wants to hire the hustlers. Essentially, everyone wants the same thing; that is:

o    It has to be affordable

o    It has to be professional, quality work

o    The artwork or photography must illustrate the story (or topic)

o    It has to be so stunning, readers are compelled to buy it

o    And last, the designers must guarantee their work





So, the BIG question is how to choose the best designer for your project? Click link below and we'll share all of our secrets and tips for success: Designer Tips. So, my friends and fellow authors, REACH for the stars and hire the best. Please review our portfolio of design excellence or read the numerous testimonials from our clients and see for yourself.

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Our Background & Experience

If you want a professional, stunning, and dynamic book cover (or interior layout), hire us. We have a vast pool of college educated designers, writers, editors, and advertising execs, all with 25+ years professional experience in multimedia areas such as publishing, advertising, graphic design, commercial art, computer graphics, animation graphics, photography, photojournalism, film and video, creative writing, editing, grammar, and computer science.




We have worked for companies such as Warren Publishing; McGraw-Hill; Random House; American Bar Association Publishers; Johns Hopkins University Press; Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins; HarperCollins Publishers; Portable Press; American Quilter's Society Publishers; Papercutz; Beltane Press; Health Opera Publishing; SciTech Publishing; Aegis; Magnico; and dozens more—plus lots of magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Network World, Women's Day, PC World, Redbook, Computerworld, Spa, Infoworld, Palm Beach Society, Smart Computing, Omni; Processor, New Age Magazine, PC Today, etc.—plus loads of Fortune 500 and other private enterprises such as Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, Novell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Intel, LanDesk, Schlumberger, Unisys, Pinnacle, Corel, Adobe, Macromedia, and hundreds of others (see About Us section for details.) If you want design excellence for the best prices, we're your best investment!

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What They're Saying About Us

“Fabulous, stunning, and amazing book covers for every topic on the planet—from professional business manuscripts to romance on the Riviera, from upper East side New York to Hollywood and Vine, from adventures in the jungle to super sleuths and espionage at Scotland Yard—Book Covers Plus has it all, and the prices are so reasonable!” –Danielle Bouchard; writer, editor, & publisher; Pierrot Press, New Orleans, LA.




“These covers are beautiful from any point of view. I really can't thank you enough for taking the time to make my cover such a winner. You've been a trooper and a jewel. I hope the new year is the best one ever for you. Take care and thanks again for everything. If I manage to snag that PMA award for 'Best Cover–3 or More Colors' this coming spring, you'll be the first to know. Thanks again!” -Carl Palm; The Great California Story




“You have more than talent—it’s a spectacular perception of style. Some things can be perfect and proper, but not the style of the individual. With a single communication, you were able to change everything, without changing what I loved, and made it much better. I am thrilled. What a spectacular cover!” –LS Dusty (Lanikai) Miller; Hunters of the Cloud II




"I just wanted to throw in my kudos for the paperback cover design. There are graphics, then there are graphics. Often it's the simplest designs that turn out to be the memorable stunners. The thematic tie-in, from front to back cover, of the reverse triangle is, indeed, a superb rendering by you. I hope you will invite me to the appropriate award ceremony when you step on stage to accept the Best Book Cover Design of the Year trophy. Thanks again!" -Jack Payne; Six Hours Past Thursday




“I couldn't be happier—it's amazing! Your graphics are stunning (just love the snake); the text looks great and it reads well. And thanks for the guidelines on author bios.” –Leslie Cameron Peck; Daughter of the Snake

Featured Book Covers




Call Us for All Your Publishing Needs

If we can offer our assistance on your book or manuscript, please call or email for a bid. Our prices are very reasonable. Click this link for contact information: Contact Info, or select the About Us button at the top of this page, then select the Contact Info button.




This is our portfolio. Take your time, browse around, then let us know if we can help. One of our New York clients said this: "Book Covers Plus does the most creative work I have ever reviewed."

--Jackson L. Freedman, New York





Thank you and have a great day!



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